The Artists

Sonic Mist

“we are inspired by the music of the 90s which we were to young too experience but recently discovered. Bands and artists like Stone Roses, New Order, Samantha Fox and Vanilla Ice”

Getting up (pentmo remix)

”When it’s raining outside. When u r all alone. When all the money’s gone. When there’s no future, and there’s no organic müsli or coconut water at home. This is what this song ”Getting Up” by Sonic Mist is about. Today we release the remixed version. Perfect for making u see hope, love and future again. Take care out there!”

In Time

In Time (psyk012)
Written, performed & produced by Sonic Mist.
Mixed by Stefan Boman at Park Studios.
Mastered by Sami Sirviö at Park Studios
Release: february 23, 2018
2018 psykbunkern

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