Carolina Wallin Pérez

Carolina Wallin Pérez is a already a well known name, especially with the Kent crowd, after releasing a debut album in 2009 with acoustic and jazz interpretations of Kent songs, called Pärlor och Svin, and also touring as a backing singer on their last tours. But there is more to the story as Carolina is a truly gifted songwriter in her own right. Her second album Där vi en gång var was written by herself, except for a couple of tracks co-written with Andreas Mattsson (Popsicle, Sweet Chariots). It also featured a duet with Linnea Henriksson and the whole album was co-produced by Fredrik Okazaki Bergström.
Carolina is currently on tour with Weeping Willows (the Christmas Tour 2017) and has just released a new single called Du Som Hade Fel, co-written and co-produced with Anton Toorell and mixed by Sami Sirviö.