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XNYMFO – Psycho Gigolo.

XNYMFO is wild. XNYMFO is fierce. XNYMFO is contagious. XNYMFO is Charly Paulin.
There are artists who make music and there are artists who makes shows, but how many are there that hit you BAM in the face? Not many. The songs are contagious, XNYMFO is contagious, and she will fucking kill you if you don’t dance.

XNYMFO – Psycho Gigolo (psyk022)
Written, performed and produced by XNYMFO.
Mixed by Conny Wall at Gig Studio.
Mastered by Sami Sirviö at Park Studios.
Photo by Mattias Lindbäck.
Cover by XNYMFO.
Released june 15, 2018
2018 psykbunkern

Charly Paulin is also a member of The Presolar Sands. Check them out too!