A New Record Label and Publishing Company, named after the studio where we are situated and the sounds that we are looking for. Where our Artists wear their hearts on their sleeves and pour their emotions and creativity into their finest recordings. The psykbunkern label and publishing are run by Peter Ejheden, once upon a time the instigator for the signing of the band kent.

“Artists need creative freedom, transparency, expertise, flexibility, tools and opportunity” These words comes from Kobalt, but they resonate very strongly with our vision. Our aim as a label is to satisfy those needs.

psykbunkern is the record label alternative to uploading your music online by yourself and hoping for the best. We are in the business of releasing the best music there is, according to us. We have the knowledge, the experience and the tools you need to grow into the Artist that you want to be. We have the top of the line recording studio Park Studios at our disposal, an in-house producer/mixer with a seriously impressive track record,  a great guitarist, songwriter and producer/mixer with an extreme knowledge from the artist side of things, a record label director with years of experience from both the business side and retail side in music, and a professional art director & photographer that comes straight from running his own successful design bureau.

The label will be an artist friendly, generous and transparent organisation and it has secured a great digital distribution and publishing deal through AWAL and Kobalt.

We will share the income with you from the first penny earned, and we will only make money when you do. Our straightforward deal terms give you complete freedom and control with no long term lock-in of your rights. The Master belongs to the Artist.

For the digital distribution we have teamed up with AWAL (Kobalt Label Services) that provides us with the best tools possible to distribute and keep track of what is happening with your music, and a total transparency of all incomes.

The company will issue and take care of the production of high quality vinyl 7″ singles, 12″ singles and 12″ LP albums that will be sold through the online shop The Store and selected respected retailers. We will produce good quality Artist merchandise and a psykbunkern collection.
Any physical release will be on sale in the psykbunkern store. It’s global and there is no middleman. We can offer nice exclusives with vinyl and merchandise sales, and sometimes tickets to exclusive shows and parties.

The psykbunkern publishing will be administered by Kobalt. The publishing part of psykbunkern is currently being created and we will tell you more about this when it is up and running.

We will help out with all your promotion and marketing needs. Contacts with streaming services, radio & Tv, printed press and blogs. Sometimes we do it ourselves and sometimes we will use external promotion.

Park Live – The Live Venue. Available for shows / showcases / releaseparties / events.
Park Creative – The Design Department. Available for all type designs you need.
Our Network – All our colleagues and contacts. Musicians, technicians, video directors etc.



psykbunkern is a part of Park Studios/Parkbänken AB

Are you interested in joining our team as an Artist or Songwriter?
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